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Why Your E-commerce Project Needs an App

Let's talk about e-commerce mobile business. This is really an interesting topic to discuss since eСommerce apps are extremely popular right now, they're in the highest demand. Why? We can name at least 10 reasons explaining such a level of popularity, and we're describing each one in detail in our article. Moreover, we're going to tell you the best way of building an e-commerce app which is sure to succeed.

Types of eCommerce mobile apps

1. Business-to-business (B2B)

B2B mobile e-commerce apps are aimed at selling goods or providing services; moreover, these processes are carried out between enterprises (that is, business companies).

2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

A B2C model is the most popular type of e-commerce apps. Here, we’re talking about the interaction of a certain company (like an online store) and the end-consumer (the person making the purchase).

3. Consumer-to-Consumer (С2C)

A C2C model implies that the sale of goods is carried out between the consumers themselves. Glaring examples of such e-commerce mobile applications are platforms to conduct online auctions and different P2P marketplaces.

4. Consumer-to-Business (С2В)

It’s not a typical example of e-commerce app development. In this case, consumers are selling their services or goods to companies (business). A good instance is when web designers or photographers demonstrate their pieces (let us say, logos or colorful photos), and the agency can buy what it likes.

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